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23 Nov, 2011

Disneyland – YAY!

Posted by: Tracey In: 18-24 months|Friends

Mummy, Daddy and Gus took me to Disneyland.  They say it was for me but I think it was so Mummy could see her friend Michelle who was visiting from Oz.  Plus I was free because I am only little!  But I dont care why, just that I did.  

31 Oct, 2011

Happy Halloween

Posted by: kirwan In: 18-24 months|At home|Friends

Halloween is here so while Mummy slept off a large lunchtime drink, I went along the corridor trick-or-treating.

11 Sep, 2011

Festival babe

Posted by: kirwan In: 18-24 months|Friends

A group of us went to a festival in Clapham Common.  It was so cool.

13 Aug, 2011

Poppy loves Eli

Posted by: Tracey In: 18-24 months|Friends

Eli came for lunch.  We had a lot of fun.  I even shared some of my toys with him… it must be love!

02 Jul, 2011

Visit to Michelle’s

Posted by: Tracey In: 12-18 months|Friends|Holidays

We went to another friend of Mummy’s for Sunday lunch. When Mummy saw the place she thought it was best to stay over. She said it was like staying in a resort. I loved that there were Myles and Sienna to play with.

02 Jul, 2011

Trip to Mandurah

Posted by: Tracey In: 12-18 months|Friends|Holidays

Back in Perth there were a lot of people to visit. First stop was Suzanne, an old nanny friend of Mummy’s.

11 Apr, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Posted by: kirwan In: 12-18 months|Friends|Photos

It was a lovely weekend. It felt like summer was in full force. Fortunately, Mummy is very clever and had suggested to some friends that we should go to the park for a picnic and lots of people thought that was a good idea.  

  • Aussie Gran: Thank you xoxoxxo
  • Lindsay AKA Grandma: Peanut the owl was a hoot and we must not forget Dave who was a bird with attitude and a partner called Tracey! A little gardener in the making - t
  • Lindsay AKA Grandma: Shame we didn't see the finished effect...or is more practise required? Gmaxxx
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