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07 Jun, 2013

First glimpse of summer

Posted by: kirwan In: 2 - 3 years|At home

It’s taken a long time but finally we had a nice day that suggested we might have a summer this year. We took the opportunity to get out into the garden. in the garden.

03 Jun, 2013

Make up

Posted by: kirwan In: 3 - 4 years

Each morning I help Mummy put on her make up. Today though Mummy was away so I could focus on my own.

01 Jun, 2013

Carrot cake and puppets

Posted by: kirwan In: 3 - 4 years|Family

When Daddy was between jobs, we¬†visited Grandma and Granddad Steve. Grandma took me to Warwick for a lovely lunch and to visit some museums. But before going out she helped me make some carrot cake.  

  • Aussie Gran: Thank you xoxoxxo
  • Lindsay AKA Grandma: Peanut the owl was a hoot and we must not forget Dave who was a bird with attitude and a partner called Tracey! A little gardener in the making - t
  • Lindsay AKA Grandma: Shame we didn't see the finished effect...or is more practise required? Gmaxxx
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