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27 Sep 2010 9:44 pm

For daddy…

Posted by: Tracey In: Photos

Daddy is away for a week so mummy and I are going to blog about our days so he doesn’t miss out.

I LOVE blackberries

In my new shoes

Practising my crawling. Daddy will be so proud!

Off swimming

Give me the camera and I will take your photo...

Eli - sit down! You too, Winter. Listen to me... this is music class and you will join in!

Coffee after music

Mummy has to make her own coffee in the mornings while daddy is away

Watch me go cruising...

One step

place the toy gently on the sofa...

...ohhh.. more toys..

...the poors toys are trapped in the box...

Toys, be free!

1 Response to "For daddy…"

1 | Kirwan

September 28th, 2010 at 1:41 am

That’s made me smile almost as much as Poppy’s grin – how ironic that she’s discovered blackberries when that’s what’s taken me away.

And I’m quite glad I don’t have to try and get blackberry juice stains out of everything.

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  • Aussie Gran: Thank you xoxoxxo
  • Lindsay AKA Grandma: Peanut the owl was a hoot and we must not forget Dave who was a bird with attitude and a partner called Tracey! A little gardener in the making - t
  • Lindsay AKA Grandma: Shame we didn't see the finished effect...or is more practise required? Gmaxxx
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